You are a talented photographer. Every bone in your body is bursting with creativity that is just waiting to be unleashed. You have mastered your craft and you are not lacking for inspiration.

The thing is, you are too close to your work. You love to shoot a lot of different styles, and you can’t figure out what to focus on that will attract your ideal client… let alone put it together in a cohesive portfolio. That’s where I come in.

Hi, I’m Monashee. I build kick-ass photo portfolios for commercial photographers, and help them define and present what they are the best at photographing.

I’ve been passionate about photography since my first photo job over two decades ago when I was a photo researcher for a top stock photo agency. It was my responsibility to search through files of film (yup, I said film.) and present clients with options for their advertising project. Fast forward a few years, and I found myself in Chicago, keeping warm in the darkroom, and honing my creative and critical skills at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. As much as I loved being a creator, I was energized by interpreting and providing constructive feedback for other artists and photographers. I graduated with my degree, and nothing to do with it… I know, shocking. After deciding that being a career server was not a good use of my degree, I landed back in the commercial photography world where I worked on large budget photo productions as a producer and art director, and helped photographers with marketing and portfolio creation.

I understand both the creative and business struggles that are unique to commercial photographers. I know how to balance client demand with personal and creative style. I dig deep into your work to uncover what is unique to you, what you are best at shooting, and how that can be applied commercially.  It’s a magic triangle. I develop a strong commercial photography portfolio that embodies who you are, what you love to shoot, and what your client will want to see from you. My goal is to bring you clarity and paying clients that will fall in love with your work.

I live in Vancouver, Canada with my husband and our twin daughters. I work globally.


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