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Hello lovelies. I’ve been talking a lot about the heart side of your home-based business. It’s time to start giving you some solid “how” so you can build your business quickly and easily.

This video tutorial shows how to create a Canva design for your home-based business branded content. I have included access to 57 free backgrounds that you can use within your designs to take out even more of the guesswork. Download is at the bottom of this post.

Why do you want to create brand recognition throughout your online material? When you post something that is recognizable as your brand, and use those brand indicators consistently over and over, people start to recognize when a post is coming from you. When they recognize you and resonate with what you are posting, they are getting to know you over time. They will remember you. This is very powerful when it comes to building an audience that knows, likes and trusts you.
I know this stuff can be tedious, and it might feel easier to use other people’s content. Other people’s content doesn’t instill brand recognition though. I want to encourage you to have your own content, so I want to provide you with the tools you need to do that in the simplest way possible.

A really beautiful way to weave brand consistency throughout your social media and personal branding is by using memes or word graphics. This is very prevalent on Instagram where you can see it all visually laid out in one place. Creating memes with the same look throughout your feed is a really simple way to have that consistency and generate brand recognition within the feed, and within each individual post over time.
Creating a Canva design is simple, online and amazingly free (unless you purchase their content.) I love this tool because you can create one Canva design and then basically replicate it and just change a few things and still retain the brand. Because you can save your designs within the Canva platform, it is simple to produce them in batches, so you have a large supply of branded content ready to use.
I also will show you how to use the Chrome Colorzilla app to get the color code (or hex code) for your brand color, which you can then transport into your Canva design or whatever other design tool you want to use and save it for your ongoing branding needs.

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