I’ve known Monashee since 2008 when we met working on a casting together. I felt an instant sense of trust and connection with her and since then we’ve worked on many projects together. Production work has potential for stress, but because of Monashee’s grounding and organized nature, everything is smooth when she is leading the team. She has a great eye and has been continued source of support and inspiration for my career over the years. Monashee is a loyal, authentic and generous person and I’m lucky to have her as a resource and colleague.  

Gina Cholick

Los Angeles Photographer


I help photographers present & market their work in the best way possible.

With over 2 decades of experience in the commercial photography world, working in various aspects of production, marketing and portfolio construction I offer several services depending on your needs.


print portfolio edit

edit & pagination for print portfolio $597

website edit

edit & pagination for print portfolio $597

portfolio consult/review

video call consult/review of your website or portfolio. This can be used as a review, if you want to get an overall feel for where your portfolio is at, and how you can make improvements. Or you can book a consult before, during or after I do an edit for you, so that we can discuss ways for you to fill holes in your portfolio, and make it even stronger. $145 per hour


Print Marketing

Image selecting for marketing campaigns, and brainstorming of ideas. Prices will vary depending on the scope of the project.

Social Media Marketing

Strategy and implementation of social media plan. Prices vary depending on scope of the project. Get in touch with me to discuss your needs.


Estimate Consult

1 hour phone/video consult to go over your estimate, and make revisions before you present to your client.

Production Consult

Need help planning out a stock or commercial shoot? Book a consult with me, so I can walk you through how to go about planning your photo shoot from start to finish.

I am going to be launching a course very soon, that will help with commercial photography needs. Get on the list now, so you can get in at a ridiculously low price.

commercial photography course: Sign up now to get advance access to the course

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