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Photo Copyright Infringement: Find, Monitor and Track Your Images Online

TWEET THIS VIDEO BEFORE YOU FORGET Today I want to introduce you to a service I discovered that solves the problem of photo copyright infringement. They will Track and monitor your online images, and handle the legal action should it come to that. If you are a...

How to File a Copyright for your photographs with the U.S. Copyright Office

[ctt_hbox link="lb5Dy" via="no" ]Might as well TWEET THIS OUT now before you forget.[/ctt_hbox] Today, I’m going to explain copyright for photography and other creative works, and walk you through how to file a copyright for your photos with the U.S. copyright office....

Lightroom Smart Previews Will Rock Your World: Photography Tutorial

[ctt_hbox link="z5c69" via="no" ]Tweet this video out to your friends... you know you want to... so just go ahead and do it.[/ctt_hbox] This Lightroom smart preview tutorial will explain why smart previews will change your photo editing experience. And I will show you...

How to merge lightroom catalogs into one master catalog: Free tutorial

[ctt_hbox link="LuVN7" via="no" ]Go ahead and Tweet this out to your friends now. You know you want to.[/ctt_hbox] Today's video will show you how to merge Lightroom catalogs into one MASTER lightroom catalog. Watch the video to get the full tutorial on how to merge...

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