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Lightroom Smart Previews Will Rock Your World: Photography Tutorial

This Lightroom smart preview tutorial will explain why smart previews will change your photo editing experience. And I will show you...

How to merge lightroom catalogs into one master catalog: Free tutorial

Today's video will show you how to merge Lightroom catalogs into one MASTER lightroom catalog. Watch the video to get the full tutorial on how to merge...

What is Stock Photography? And is it a Viable Business Model?

In the above video I explain what is stock photography, and whether it is a viable business model in this day and age.  Simply put, stock photography is photography that is...

Repost in Instagram: Can Somebody use your Instagram Photos?

Can somebody use your images and repost in Instagram? First of all, let me begin by saying I am not a lawyer, so nothing that I say should be taken as legal advise. If...

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