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I know, I know, gratitude is such a catch phrase these days. I probably would have rolled my eyes at myself posting this a few years ago… but something shifted for me recently, and I really understand the meaning and power behind this simple word.

I went through a hard time not that long ago. Loss and lack were at the forefront, and it was really difficult to see through the fog and find good in anything, let alone gratitude. I knew finding the goodness was the key to everything, but it was really difficult to access that in the darkness I felt. I went through the motions of positive thoughts… I meditated… I cared for myself… I cared for my family, but really, I was hanging on by a thread and just getting by. I had always heard about the “power of intention” and “the law of attraction” and I believed in them in theory, but maybe not so much… really. I never really got it.

During this time I was thinking obsessively about our lack. How were we going to get out of it? How could we come up with more money? How were we going to dig our way out of the debt we were accumulating? I knew the key was to be positive, and visualize ourselves living how we wanted to be living…

Wait a minute… living how we wanted to be living. Did that mean I didn’t think we were living fully right then and there? I spent so much of my energy looking at what we didn’t have, and trying to visualize ourselves in a better circumstance, that I forgot to notice that our circumstance was actually pretty great.

I had  been focusing on the positive, but I realized that even though I was remaining positive it was still in spite of circumstance… it was in spite of the lack that I really did feel. I decided to take it one step further and really be grateful for what was in my life, rather than focusing on what wasn’t.

I started to look around, and realized I had so much abundance in my life… We were living small and simply, but we were happy. In fact, things were pretty amazing when I really took notice… and I was truly grateful… Sometimes out loud… a little awkward at first, but then I kinda started to get into it, and I was sprinkling gratitude all over the place. Slowly things started to shift, and a few small but magical things happened. I noticed the home we live in, and my beautiful children that I get to enjoy every day… Unexpected payments or refunds would show up at just the right time. Not a lot, but what we needed, and when we needed it. I noticed our garden that was filled with all kinds of beautiful vegetables… I found a gift card that enabled us to buy something that would have otherwise been decadent. I looked at my husband and was so grateful for his unending love and support… and I felt love.

It was really difficult to shift the perspective initially, but once I did it made so much sense. It’s not about visualizing a better life… it’s about shifting mindset and noticing the abundance that is already there. Focusing on those things rather than all of the things that are going wrong. I’m not saying it’s easy to tap into. Life gets busy, and sometimes things feel sucky, but when we slow down, take it all in and fully breath in the abundance that we have, things just seem to click into place… because they already are in a place.

What little or big things are you grateful for? Do you have strategies that you use to tap into gratitude? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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