Are you ready to get out there and start approaching photo reps?

Let’s find out… click the button below to grab my free rep prep checklist. It’s a pretty comprehensive checklist that covers all of the boxes you should check to know if you are ready to start seeking representation. It can also be used to get good ideas of how you can start getting ready to approach a rep before you are actually ready to approach a photo rep. Be sure to watch the video above where I speak with San Francisco photo rep Freda Scott. We go over some really good content, so don’t skip a beat, but I have included some highlights below to give you a taste as well as a little bit about Freda.



This is not the business to be in if you’re passiveFreda Scott



Freda Scott

is a seasoned San Francisco commercial photographer’s rep. She currently has eleven photographers on her roster, as well as several other creative artists. She has been in the industry for a long time and knows her way around the commercial photography landscape. In other words… be sure to watch the video to hear her take as it’s really, really informative. I apologize for the audio feedback. I am working on fixing this issue.  I hope you can get past it because the content is worth it. Be sure to visit Freda’s website and subscribe to her newsletter to get a glimpse into what a photographers rep does.


  • The importance of a website portfolio AND print portfolio
  • How to find a rep that suits your style
  • Knowing when to approach a photo rep
  • Some exciting new niches in commercial photography
  • The benefits of having a rep
  • Niche, niche, niche
  • Things you can do to get “known” in the industry
  • The importance of relationships in the commercial photography world
  • Communication is the key to EVERYTHING
  • Showing your creative photography on your website and print portfolio.


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