Photography portfolio review for Vancouver photographer Tanya Goehring.

Every photographer is different. How their work should be edited and presented will also be completely different. There is no one-size-fits-all. However there are things to be learned from understanding how and why other photographers present their work the way they do.

Watch the review above for my photography portfolio review of Vancouver photographer Tanya Goehring’s online portfolio.

photography portfolio review of Vancouver photographer Tanya Goehring photography portfolio review of Vancouver photographer Tanya Goehring

During my portfolio (website) review with Monashee, she went through every single photo on my website and gave me a meticulous, to-the-point critique of my work and my website. She clearly articulated how she thinks I would best position myself in the industry – both in the short-term and in the long-term. She gave me a great outline for how to go about editing my website. Monashee is wonderful to work with!

Tanya Goehring

Vancouver Photographer


  • Design template by Photofolio is clean, simple and works well for her work.
  • Menu is overwhelming. Too many sections and confusing menu. Needs to be refined.
  • Tanya wants to get more advertising and editorial work. She initially thought fashion and conceptual portraits was her goal, but our conversation went a different direction.
  • “Projects” section shows her ability to tell a story and capture a brand.
  • Some of the “projects” didn’t tell a story. I suggested removing those.
  • Image order and layout should have flow and tell a story in grid layout as well as when you are moving from one image to the next.
  • Her fashion work is amazing, but completely different from her lifestyle work and “projects.”
  • I suggested that she condense her existing “personal work” section into one gallery and add a “creative fashion” section to the “personal work” section. This allows her to showcase her fashion work, but not bill herself as a “fashion photographer.”
  • I suggested that she either a.) make one very concise and well edited “lifestyle” section that shows only her best work OR  b.) have the best of the best lifestyle and include the projects section as well to show that she can pull off a story or image library.
  • I suggested that she remove her music videos, and only keep her motion if she wanted to and thought she could pull off doing stills and motion realistically.
  • I suggested that she remove The Automatic Message and her other music  links from the sidebar. They are confusing and take visitors away from her website. I suggested that she keep that information in her bio page only.
  • I suggested she remove her portrait, musicians and corporate sections. Some portraits might work in her lifestyle section, but I didn’t see portraits as being a good niche for her.


Tanya Goehring is an editorial, commercial and advertising photographer based out of Vancouver, Canada. She has worked across the globe and comes with impressive awards and accolades including being named one of Applied Arts Young Blood Talents and being featured on their cover. She sits on the board for the Vancouver chapter of CAPIC (The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators.)


I curate photography portfolios and mentor photographers who are tired of taking any photo jobs that pay the bills and are ready to step into being creative commercial photographers known for their unique style or niche. I live in Vancouver, Canada with my husband and twin girls.

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